Kinfolk is an American R&B band based out of Madison, WI. Through the creative inspiration of vocalist Anthony Ward, Kinfolk was established in the late 2000's in order to fill a soul, neo-soul, and rhythm and blues music void that plagued the city of Madison. In addition to Anthony Ward, Kinfolk is comprised of 2 more vocalists, LaVar J. Charleston and Marcus Fleming, and four additional musicians on keys, drums, guitar, and bassist Corey Saffold who also serves as the Musical director for the band. The group is well known for its diverse musical styles, playing an array of music from traditional jazz, to mainstream R&B and rock-based music, to funk, Latin, and Jamaican-based rhythms, as well as a variety of soulful original tunes. Kinfolk is lauded for their captivating live performances, which infuses soulful harmonies and gritty vocals to recreate memories of the past, and point to the promise of the future.

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